Elegant staircase with mahogany wood accents

Custom Staircases

Contemporary design in combination with traditional craftsmanship

Creating Your Style

Our customers approach us because they want a beautiful staircase to be the focal point of their home or office. After all – the appeal of a floating curved stairway, the uniqueness of a contemporary circular stair, with the combination of an architectural railing makes a spectacular sight.

Through creative thinking, innovation, and skill, we can offer our customers staircase designs that are truly dramatic and dazzling. Whether your space lends itself to a curved or spiral staircase, a circular staircase, flared staircase, an open rise staircases or a simpler straight staircase design, you can rely on our accomplished and knowledgeable team to give you the perfect accent to your space. Our team can also create commercial or curved staircases in a variety of materials including glass paneling, metal and a variety of engineered materials.

A custom staircase in a hotel
A custom staircase in a public place
A carpeted staircase

Staircase Kits

All-in-one complete units.

If you are looking for a spiral or modular staircase in an easy to build kit, Specialty Millwork can help. Our staircase kits are built to the highest standards of quality in workmanship and design.

We build fully fabricated, architecturally beautiful staircase systems that are easily assembled and will last the test of time. From the beginning, Specialty Millwork has been a leader, building exquisite stair systems for savvy homeowners as well as home builders. Staircases can be built to your specific needs. We believe in working closely with our customers throughout all stages of the build-out process to ensure that the end stair system is exactly what they were looking for.

Choose from a variety of wood types!

We have a huge selection of woods that you can choose from. From red oak to poplar to engineered pine, we have the right choices to suit your style, taste and budget. We also have a great selection of exotic woods for the homeowner who is looking for a unique look and style.

Deal directly and save!

Call us directly and avoid all of the middleman costs that are usually associated with ordering your stairs from a national retailer. By speaking directly with us, you can be assured you’re getting the best price because we are the manufacturer.


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